Birth Doula

Complimentary visit  ~ minimum 2 prenatal visits ~ Birth support ~ 1 post birth visit. 

  •  I am available for hospital, birth center or home births.

  • I will meet you for a complimentary visit to see if we're a good fit. It is important that you and your partner feel comfortable with me supporting you through your upcoming birth. This is a time to ask each other questions so I can best understand how I can support you, discover your expectations and get to know each other a little.


  • I include a minimum of 2 prenatal visits to cover any questions you have and prepare you for your upcoming birth. Topics include; hospital protocol, interventions, pain management, antenatal testing, newborn care, exercises and postures that create space and are good for you and your baby, prepare a birth preferences documents and cover whatever is coming up for at that time. I like to keep in good communication especially as we get closer to your estimated due date. 


  • I start my 'on-call' period with you at 37 weeks, which means I will be close by and able to be with you within an hour.  I will be with you for the duration of your birth and I will always have a back up doula, just in case. (Before 37 weeks I will still be close by it just might take me a little longer to get to you.)


  • I include a post birth visit with my birth package.​ Where I can give you resources, catch up with you about the birth and check you have all you need for the next few weeks.

  • If you decide you want me to be part of your birth team, then we can sign a contract and I will be available for you via phone or email for the duration of your pregnancy. 

  • I offer sliding scale based on family income because I believe that all birthing people deserve access to a doula.
    I use the San Francisco Annual Median Income (AMI) chart to determine your AMI for you and your family. 

    - $1500 under 80% AMI
    - $1800 80% - 110% AMI
    - $2000 110% - 140% AMI
    - $2200 above 140% AMI

  • Please get in touch for information on payment plans. I can also be flexible for birth center and homebirths. Looking forward to hearing from you.